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Try the newest feature: BOSS Share.

BOSS Share is simple and easy to use. Give some of your BOSS credit to friends and love ones right from your mobile app. BOSS cares about bringing you closer to your family and friends. Follow the simple steps in your mobile app and start sharing as much or as little credit as you like.

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Everything can be accessed right at your fingertips through our award-winning mobile app. Sign-up for a BOSS Revolution account to use BOSS Share. If you already have a BOSS Revolution account but do not have the app installed on your mobile devices then you can download BOSS revolution app here.

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Share BOSS Revolution balance with friends and family.

  • Share your balance with other App users
  • Send as much or as little as you like
  • Transfer your balance within the U.S. or Internationally
  • If friends and family do not have the App yet

Sign up or an account here at and make a purchase. Your recharge will be sent to your mobile phone along with the link to download the mobile app. Once you have download the mobile app you can invite your friends and family to sign up for an account by sending them an invitation from your mobile app. BOSS Revolution app to app texting is free and you can also make free voice calls over wifi connection.

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  1. Hi. How do you share your balance with someone and how will it affect your balance. If you are on a plan with data and you share it with someone, will the balance get lower? How does it really work?

    1. If you have a plan with BOSS Revolution mobile you can not share your balance or data with anyone. You can only share your balance with another BOSS Revolution user if you’re using our calling card on your phone and your phone is connected to another mobile network.
  2. I am trying to share my funds and my contacts don’t show up.

    Charleny Genoval
    1. Hello Charleny, please make sure your contact has the BOSS Revolution app installed on their mobile phone. If so, please also update to the latest version. For fast reply to your questions you can text us at (+888) 707 3875.

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