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20 Tips to Help Overcome the Effects of Cell Phone Addiction Leave a comment

Cell phone addiction in others may be harder than you think. But once you pick up on the patterns, you’ll be able to offer guidance, love, and support to move past the issue in the future. Below are 20 Tips to Help Overcome the Effects of Cell Phone Addiction

Tip #1: Turn Off Notifications!
Simply muting your phone and turning notifications off helps you keep your attention focused on other tasks. Sounds from notifications can be distracting.

Tip #2: Move Your Apps
We often open certain apps without noticing. Taking specific apps off of your homepage may make it easier to ignore them.

Tip #3: Delete Apps
Deleting apps that are the most addictive will help you be on your phone less. This includes social media, games, and likely some messaging services. Anything that takes up too much of your time.

Tip #4: Try a Self Control App
Apps like Forest and Screentime track your phone usage. It lets you know what apps take up to much of your time and lets you set limits.

Tip #5: Don’t Check It First Thing!
Many people reach for their phones as soon as they get up. Instead, get up and start your day. Try to wait at least 30 minutes before you check your phone.

Tip #6: Set the Phone Down
You do not need to have a cell phone on you 24/7. Be sure to leave it home sometimes while you take walks around the neighborhood or spend time in your yard.

Tip #7: Read More Books
A lot of people want to read more books, but can’t find the time. Prioritize reading books over checking your phone- you will be surprised at how much time you have!

Tip #8: Do Some Chores
A great productive distraction would be to do some chores. Clean, wash dishes, or start some laundry when you feel like you can’t put your phone down.

Tip #9: Take More Walks
Be sure to go outside more. This will help you relax and also keep you preoccupied.

Tip #10: Try a New Hobby
Try practicing a new skill. If you find something you love, it will be easy to chose that over your phone.

Tip #11: Connect With Loved Ones
Spending more time with loved ones can help you build better connections than through social media.

Tip #12: Put It Away for 24 Hours
Try to ignore your phone for 24 hours. Simply set it aside- make sure it is off!

Tip #13: Turn on Airplane Mode
Turn on airplane mode to avoid constant notifications.

Tip #14: Reflect on Your Phone Usage
This can help you define goals and let you know what stresses you about your phone usage.

Tip #15: Leave It at Home
Stop bringing your phone with you to work or school if it is distracting.

Tip #16: Get a Watch
Sometimes we just want to check the time- then notice we spent an hour on social media!

Tip #17: Exercise
Try using your morning phone time for a 30 minute workout instead.

Tip #18: Don’t Check It Before Bed
The light from your phone can interrupt your sleep.

Tip #19: Pause When You Reach For It
Think about why you are checking your phone. Set a limit before you unlock it. Are you just checking the time or getting ready for a long session?

Tip #20: Make a Post, Then Put It Away
After posting, we usually keep refreshing to check for comments and likes. This can waste a lot of time.

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