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BOSS Revolution Club (BR Club)

The BOSS Revolution Club (BR Club) is a customer loyalty program that rewards Boss Revolution customers by giving them:

  • Extra bonus on all Pinless promotions
  • Automatic entry into sweepstakes
  • Exclusive deals on other BR products
  • Special Offers from partners

To become a member, click here to sign up for an account with Better Use Boss and make a purchase of any listed card value and we will immediately activate your account.

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Boss Revolution Retailer

BR Club Overview

  • To become a member click here to sign up for an account.
  • The program is completely free
  • Members will earn extra bonuses and hear about exclusive promotions and perks
  • Retailers don't have to do anything, just make sure their customers sign up for FREE!
  • Customers that join will receive a confirmation SMS and monthly messages about their benefits
  • Anyone previously enrolled in SMS messaging from Boss Revolution is automatically a member of the BR Club

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why become a member of the BR Club?
  • It is completely free and members will earn extra bonuses, automatic entry into sweepstakes, hear about special offers for other BR Products, and promotions from partners!

  • Can anyone become a member?
  • Yes! To become a member click here to sign up for an account.

  • Does the program cost anything?
  • No. It is completely free to be a member and to join!

  • I was already opted in to receive Boss Revolution promotional messages – do I still need to join the club?
  • No. Anyone already opted in to Boss Revolution promotional messages is automatically a BR Club member and does not need to do anything.

  • How do customers receive the extra bonuses on the promotions?
  • As long as the customer is a member and does a promotional recharge, they will automatically get the extra bonus – there is no need to do anything.

  • Do the extra promotion bonuses apply for BR Retailer Transfers?
  • Yes. The extra bonuses apply to all customer recharges methods.

  • If I join the club the day of a PIN-less promotion, will I still get the extra bonus?
  • Yes. However you won’t receive the extra bonus for up to 48 hours.

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